Now that’s one big NAB

We have all talked about the largest NSF or the largest mailfile that we have seen while working with Domino and we have heard about the 2 point something GB sized email that somebody tried to send but what about the NAB?

This week I heard about a company that uses a single Domino domain for their worldwide operations and that the NAB is nearly 4GB. It must be fun setting up new servers and waiting for the NAB to replicate over for the first time… But seriously, even with such a large NAB the company does not have any issues with Domino, everything works as expected.

So what’s the biggest single NAB you have ever seen?

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7 comments on “Now that’s one big NAB
  1. Ferdy says:

    The NAB at Philips is a couple of gigs too, haven’t checked for a while but it’s no surprise with a 110,000 user ids (excluding functional and web-only accounts), countless groups and hundreds of server documents. The Philips environment was #2 in size upon launch 5 years ago, I’m pretty sure it’s still in the top 5 now.


  2. Wild Bill says:

    I do know that a very large UK bank has 250,000 users, a large German Pharma has in excess of 160k users, and that a UK based pharma has in excess of 160k users.110,000 just isnt big.US Navy has 320,000 and of course IBM have 400,000 +….—* Bill


  3. I suspect that IBM would win this one – or maybe GM.

    Except for the fact that I seem to recall that IBM use Directory Cataloging, and have seperate domains for each worldwide geographic region… (I could be wrong though).


  4. Donnie says:

    Our NAB is 9.1 GB. 316,000 employees.


  5. David Vasta says:

    And I thought mine was huge @ 80 MB. I have been cleaning it up and making it tight. What do you all do when you have to replicate that much NAB to laptops and others? DIRCAT?


  6. Ferdy says:

    Ok, just checked, its 2.7 gigs at Philips. Wasn’t aware about these much bigger NABs, Bill!

    David Vasta….replicate? I never do. Always connected.


  7. Ben Poole says:

    We have [b]a lot of users[/b] but suspect IBM works the same way we do, i.e. the global organisation doesn’t use a single NAB, but has separate domains on a territory / theatre basis. We then divide our NABs between the Americas, Asia-Pac and EMEA.


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