End User Tip : Drag & Drop Archiving

Ever have a user who wishes that they could
archive documents by just dragging them to a folder in their mailfile?
If the answer is yes then this little trick is for you.

First of all make sure the user has
an archive setup.  This can either be a local archive or a server
based archive as the trick works for both types of archive.

Next create a new folder in the users
mailbox called Archive. It’s very important that you use a capital A, if
you don’t then the trick won’t work.

That’s it. The user just has to drag
documents to that folder and they will be prompted if they want to archive
them or not.

While it is possible to drag & drop
documents to the ‘Archive’ option that’s available under the tools navigator
that method won’t support server based archives.

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6 comments on “End User Tip : Drag & Drop Archiving
  1. Gregg Eldred says:

    Great tip! Not only can’t I wait to use it, I can’t wait to be able to tell someone else.


  2. Joe Litton says:

    OK, THAT is so simple I am definitley doing some cleaning from my email file …..tomorrow


  3. Great tip, I may have to “borrow” it from you for a future tip on my site… full credit will be linked to of course!


  4. Devin Olson says:

    Declan, this is an awesome tip. Simple, effective, easy to implement, and very cool. Thanks for sharing, I just now created my Archive folder and tested this -it works great.-Devin.


  5. Bruce Elgort says:

    I also mentioned this tip on Episode 15 of the Taking Notes podcast:http://takingnotes.openntf.orgBruce


  6. Senthil Kumar says:

    Declan, Thanks for the tip. Just curious though is it for R5?? Cos in ND6.5 the mail template comes with the Tools-Archive option in the mail frameset. Hence when you drag-drop it will automatically send to your Normal Archive DB if have set up one.May be its available out-of-the-box from ND6.5. The only thing i notice though is its copying the document in the Archive DB rather than moving to Archive. The user has to delete manually.


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