Workplace 2.6 : Domino LDAP Configuration

After completing the install of the Workplace
server I then proceeded to configure the LDAP service.

As I’m running Domino 7 I didn’t need
to add the DominoUNID attribute to the Domino LDAP schema so I could skip
over that step.  I decided that I was going to use my own username
as the portal admin and use the LocalDomainAdmins group as the portal’s
admin group so I quickly checked the ACL of the NAB to make sure that the
entries for these had the correct rights.

The next stage was editing a small file
that would tell the Workplace server that I had granted write access to
the Domino LDAP server.  This will allow users to use the ‘Sign Up’
and ‘Edit Profile’ options within Workplace.  If you don’t want users
to use these options you just have to skip this step.

The next stage was to edit the helper
file with my usersnames and passwords and then run the configuration wizard.

The configuration wizard has not changed
that much from the previous versions, there are a few extra options for
moving the Workplace and Portal databases to different sources and the
disable/enable LDAP security option is still there. Disabling the security
took about 15 minutes to run on my test server and then enabling it took
another 25 minutes.

One thing to watch out for here is making
sure you have the correct servers up and running when you are runing the
wizard. For the disable security to work correctly you must have the couldscape
server and the appliction server up and running ( but not the portal server
or mail server ) and for the enable security you must only have the cloudscape
server running.  It would be nice if the wizard could start/stop these
for you or failing that could give a better error message when the required
servers are not detected.

A Domino specific gotcha is the LDAP
administrators group name. As Domino groups are not hierarchical you need
to remove the CN= bit from the front of the group name you enter into the
helper file or the enable security option will fail.

The next stage will be setting up SSO.

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2 comments on “Workplace 2.6 : Domino LDAP Configuration
  1. Chris Miller says:

    I am teaching the Bootcamp for WCS this week across 14 installs. Want some more insight as I go?


  2. Val Cassidy says:

    Hi Declan,I have setup WCS 2.5/6 to use Active Directory for LDAP. I have tried to setup Oracle as the backend db but had no luck and just left it. Have you tried setting up WCS 2.6 on RHEL 3 yet ? I tried late on Firday but after the install cloudscape wouldn’t start.I’d be interested if you or anyone have any similar experiences.Cheers,Val.


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