Out Of Office in Hannover and Domino “Next”

Reading through some of the slides for
the sessions that I didn’t get to go to at Lotusphere this year I came
across some interesting information about the Out Of Office agent in the
next version of Lotus Domino "Next" / Hannover that hasn’t been
reported in any of the blogs yet.

The new OOO will no longer be an agent
but a server-side service. This means that there are a number of new features
that I know that a lot of users have been asking for in the past.

The first feature is the ‘instant reply’.
Because it is a server-side service the OOO is triggered when an email
is deposited into the users mailfile. This also allows for failover in
a clustered environment if the primary server is down then the mail gets
delivered on the secondary server and the OOO is triggered there.

The new OOO will allow for periods of
time that are LESS then one day.  If your only going to be out of
the office for a halfday you will be able to specify this in the OOO profile.

You can select if you want to only send
one reply to a sender ( as it is now ) or if you want to reply to all emails
from a sender, handy if your out of the office for an extended time and
somebody who sent you an email last week has forgotten about your earlier
OOO reply.

And finally the new OOO will also disable
itself when the time period has expired. No more messages everyday reminding
you to turn it off.

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4 comments on “Out Of Office in Hannover and Domino “Next”
  1. Sean Burgess says:

    This alone proves to me that IBM/Lotus is actually listening to it’s customer base when it comes to enhancements to the core Notes product. I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to trouble shoot OOO or simply defend how it works. Thanks for the info.Sean—


  2. Jamie Price says:

    I second that. I hate the way the OOO works right now, only because my users don’t like it.Kudos to IBM/Lotus for actually listening and responding in kind.Thanks for the info.


  3. Thanks for sharing. You don’t mention the most heard complaint about the OOO: the lack of an easy method for admins to activate and configure it for one of their users in case of them being off sick or having forgotten to do it themselves. This got even worse in ND6 because someone decided to hide the “Tools/OOO profile” for anyone but the owner of the mail file.Is there any info about this?


  4. I also hope the subject line provides some indication about the email the agent is responding to.


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