Lotusphere Closing Session

Just waiting for the closing session to
start and what do we see on the screen but quotes from newspapers, technical
journals and even from the blogs, including a quote from my own blog…

A picture named M2

The closing session has just started
with a number of thank yous for the sponsors, partners and event team.

To sum up the week in three words is
Commitment, Innovation and Attitude

Commitment in the brand for Lotus Software.

A commitment to openness.

Innovations that matter. That make MORE
people, productivity and sense.

Energy & Passion. The developers
have listened to the customers

IBM have recognised the bloggers and
have again displayed quotes from somre of our sites.

The gloves are off.

The yellow lotus boxing gloves sold
out within 2 hours and are even now showing on eBay for over $100

LOTUSPHERE will be back next year :
Jan 21st – 25th 2007

And plans are already underway for future

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