ID102 : IBM lotus Domino 7 And Beyond


This session is going to cover the future
of the Domino roadmap.  Starting with some highlights of Domino 7
an important message is that many vendors have already released tools that
work with ND7 so there are very few reason not to upgrade while there are
loads of reasons to upgrade like a improved TCO, better performance, easier
administration with DDM, better policies and Activity Trends.

Coming Soon : Smart Upgrade ‘Run
As Admin’ install utility. This can repackage the install kit so that it
can run on any computer even if the user does not have admin privilages.

7.0.1 is due in Feb. One new feature
is that Max mailfile size enforment at router which can prevent delivery
of mail to large mailfile.

Domino Next :

Support for Hannover client

World class portal-based user experience

Extent Domino leadership in messaging
& collaboration.

Smart Upgrade will support moving client
to Hannover

Domino server will include the Hannover
client provisioning server

Extended polices to support Hannover
and workplace capabilities.

Support for provisioning composit apps
from domino

Support for Domain keys to help reduce

Direct support for MS-TNEF

Improved support for Mime/html emails.

SpamGuru will be included.  Users
can classify mails as spam and the server will rank incoming emails to
see if they should be deleted, moved to JunkMail or just deliver as normal.

Mail recall will now be part of the
product with policies that can specify how old messages can be or if read
messages can be recalled.

New version of DDM. more automation.

Broader exposure admin API’s,

AdminP can rename/delete users up to
50 times fast

AdminP can update users client side
bookmarks if you move a database on the server ( using the admin client

Support for snapshot backups.


simplified RSS and Atom feed generation

MIME and HTMl api’s

Unread Mark API’s

More DXL work.

More APIs – mail, calendar etc.

ability to call web services from domino

Domino 7.0.2 will support running on
Windows 64bit OS. Domino Next will fully support 64bit OS’s while the 32bit
platforms will still be fully supported ( unlike the next version of Exchange

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2 comments on “ID102 : IBM lotus Domino 7 And Beyond
  1. Simon Barratt says:

    I thought the max mail file size enforcement was available in 6.5x?


  2. Simon Barratt says:

    Mail Recall – who’d of thought!That’s a u-turn, if ever i saw one!


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