Sharpreader Vs Bloglines

About a month ago I purchased a laptop
to bring with me on my world travels but my RSS reader of choice,
didn’t have the ability to syncronise the feeds that I had read on my main
computer with the copy I’d installed on the laptop.

After looking around I found a web based
RSS reader called BlogLines. As it’s web based you can log in from any
computer and it will show you only the entries that you haven’t read yet.
The interface is quite nice and fairly fast.  You can also download
a small system tray utility that will notify you of new unread RSS feeds
and you can get versions of the notifier for Windows, Mac and Linux.  There
are also browser addin’s available to allow you to quickly subscribe to
new feeds that you may come across.  You can try it out at

Don’t forget, you can keep track of
my travels and photos over on

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5 comments on “Sharpreader Vs Bloglines
  1. About 39% of my RSS readership uses Bloglines…


  2. Greyhawk68 says:

    Bloglines is good, but I prefer to use NewsGator now. NewsGator also owns FeedDemon (best PC client) and NetNewsNow (best Mac client).

    You can use it the same way as Bloglines for free, or you can get a subscription that allows you to use the clients as well.

    Check it out, you might find that you like it better than Bloglines…



  3. Sean Burgess says:

    I am a recent convert to Bloglines and have found it a very nice application. I used to use SharpReader, but was not happy when I had a laptop issue recently. Now, no matter what happens to my laptop or what computer I am using, I will always have access to my RSS feeds.


    PS The RSS feed for this entry came across blank on Bloglines. You may want to check the XML.


  4. RSS for this looks fine in my Bloglines.I have been using Bloglines for several months now. I had been using a Firefox Extension for it, but liked the web-based Bloglines.


  5. Jamie Price says:

    I myself went the Notes route and decided upon Madicon RSS Reader found at


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