Podcasting Using BlogSphere

Anybody who has been using version 2 of
BlogSphere may have noticed a new option on the ‘story’ form called ‘RSS
Enclosure’ except it didn’t actually do anything. It was added as a placeholder
for PodCasting features but didn’t have any code behind it and when V2.0
was released it was never removed.

With the recent
in PodCasting in
the Domino community I sat down today to finish off the PodCasting features
in BlogSphere and after a bit of trial and error in getting the feeds correct
I’m happy to say that the next release of BlogSphere will now fully support
PodCasting.  The PodCast features will also support the iTunes tags
so that you can include your PodCast in the iTunes PodCast Directory.

The PodCast features will allow you
to embed your audio/video file within the notes database or point to an
external source if you require the ability to offload the bandwidth to
a different server.  Podcasts can have their own seperate RSS feed
or you can select to include them in your main stories RSS feed.

The new version of BlogSphere will be
available real soon.

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One comment on “Podcasting Using BlogSphere
  1. Bruce Elgort says:

    Declan,This is good news. Let me know if you need some help testing.Bruce


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