Related Replicas

Did you know that some replica ID’s are
related to the replica ID of the NAB on your Domino server? This is so
that when a Domino server starts up and it is missing some of these databases
it can recreate them with a replica id that it knows will be the same as
the replica id on other servers. Here’s a full list of the ones that I
know about, updated for the Notes Domino 7 release.

I’m not sure why catalog.nsf moved from
01 to 07 in the later release, maybe it was a typo by some engineer?  This
could result in a problem in systems that have been upgraded from R4/5/6
to R7 as a newly created catalog.nsf would have mismatched replica id’s
and would not replicate throughout the domain.

8024712F:005B8FD7   –  

8024712F:015B8FD7   –  

8024712F:025B8FD7   –  

8024712F:035B8FD7   –  

8024712F:045B8FD7   –  

8024712F:075B8FD7   –  
CATALOG.NSF ( R7 ??? )

8024712F:0A5B8FD7   –  
DDM.NSF ( R7 )

8024712F:0B5B8FD7   –  

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One comment on “Related Replicas
  1. Thomas Weber says:

    Hi,the change could be related to the fact, that they want to have the Domain Catalog doing the job that replicating the catalog has done in the past.there is a thread on in regards to the acl of this db ( running the catalog task will put localdomainservers to readers only to avoid replication.just my 2 cents


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