VMWare : A great tool for testing

‘s mention of the session
that he is giving at Lotusphere this year on
should be an interesting topic for anybody out there that does a lot of

I recently purchased VMWare
for myself at
home so I can test various operating systems like Windows Vista,
, Fedora
and more and I have to
say it was a great purchase, even for personal use.

One of the features that I like about
it is the ability to have a ‘team’ of computers all running within their
own LAN segment so that they can only see each other on the network and
not interfere with anything outside of the virtual environment. I’m sure
Carl will be covering this in his session.

Oh, and did you know that the server
hosting my blog is currently running on a virtual server? I was having
some hardware issues so I moved the entire server over to a virtual machine.
With enough RAM & diskspace VMWare could also save you a fortune if
your thinking about consolidation. Your users would never even realise.


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