Las Vegas Notes User Group

The first Las Vegas Notes User Group (LVNUG) meeting is being held on August 11th at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus from 3pm till 5pm. Ed Brill will be speaking and giving the same presentation that he’ll be giving at the first Irish Lotus User Group meeting later in August.

As I’ll be in Las Vegas for the week when it’s on I’m going to be dropping in for the event and I’m sure there will be a few drinks afterward. Viva Las Vegas

More information is available on Brian Benz’s blog.

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4 comments on “Las Vegas Notes User Group
  1. Brian Benz says:

    See you there! We’ll hit one of the “Authentic” Irish pubs that are springing up all over Vegas….Would be interesting to get your perspective….:).


  2. Ed Brill says:

    I am going to be drinking more Guinness in August then I have in my entire life… 🙂


  3. Declan Lynch says:

    Well I’m staying in New York New York and there is an Irish pub in there called ‘Nine Fine Irishmen’

    Ah, Guinness and Craic agus Ceol. Can’t beat it.


  4. Brian Benz says:

    Ah! That’s the best one in town, the one I was planning on going to….Good band at night. Somehow I think the cute step dancer the hoist on the tables every night is not a regular occurence in Ireland, but I could be mistaken…..Good food too. Try the chowder. Salmon’s good too.Not sure if you got my email, but if you want some Vegas tips let me knw – been living here 1.5 years now, with all of the new arrivals that makes me a veteran….


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