Public VOIP In Ireland

For my one other Irish reader

For years Eircom has has a bit of a
strangle-hold on telephony in Ireland, they owned the lines and the exchanges
and if you wanted to use a different company for your home telephone then
you still had to pay Eircom for the line rental seperatly.  It’s starting
to get better but I’ve just broken free of all the Eircom shackles and
gone VOIP.

A fairly new company called BlueFace
) is now offering VOIP over whatever broadband conection you have. Once
you sign up you’ll get a proper telephone number, and for a few euro more
you can purchase an IP telephone that just plugs straight into your router.
 Now I can phone people and others can phone me without giving a penny
to Eircom.

So if you live in Ireland and have broadband
then check it out and if you sign up then make sure you put ‘qtzar’ in
the referrer field so thet they can throw a few extra credits in my account

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3 comments on “Public VOIP In Ireland
  1. Paul Mooney says:

    Dec, can you retain your existing land number if you switch


  2. declan,

    i’ve been using voip at home for a while now – v. impressed. especially on the international calls.

    do you have any recommendations for an ip phone, that just plugs in and works?? cheap would be good to!!



  3. Declan Lynch says:

    Yes you can port over your old Eircom number to this service, you just have to request a porting form from them.

    The IP Phone that I purchased is the GrandStream BudgetTone 100. It works very well with the service. You can find more info here :


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