IBM WorkPlace Forums Updated

If you have previously used the IBM Developerworks WorkPlace forums then you would probably have of agreed that they were pretty messy and quite difficult to use.

Well the forums have been given a facelift and now look a lot nicer. It’s now easier to view all the forum topics and their replies.  Still not as good as a Domino based forum though…

You can access the forums here :

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6 comments on “IBM WorkPlace Forums Updated
  1. Tom Nichols says:

    My question is, why aren’t they using Domino for the forums anyway? It’s the perfect tool for the job.

    Just another example of the FACT that IBM has not sold the product internally to it’s own people. They do not see the benefits of Domino within IBM.

    Last year I went to an advanced administration class for Websphere Application Server in Pittsburg. The guy giving the class couldn’t seem to say enough bad things about Notes/Domino (he was an IBM’er, btw) and when he found out that I am a Domino developer, it was if he had seen sores suddenly explode on me and start running with puss. I definitely wasn’t feeling the love-


  2. Ben Poole says:

    A lot of the pages there could do with some work. I kept hitting this one…


  3. Domino for forums? I nerver have seen a usefull forum based on Domino. Only some unusable things like the …Seams to me that “domino people” can not accept other technologies doing things better.I personaly use Domino since 15 Years now, but not for “blogging”, “web forums” etc.. There are realy much better technologies for that.


  4. Declan Lynch says:

    You should check out the DomBulletin project from OpenNTF. It’s a very usable forum package very like all the forums that you see based on php and asp.

    But the the old workplace forums were really really bad…


  5. Stan Rogers says:

    When one considers that the canonical Notes application is the discussion database, one really has to wonder what better technology there could be. Sounds like somebody has “implementation” confused with “suitability”.And that’s really what it’s all about — implementation. I personally hate the DomBulletin application because I hate the oh-so-common web forum UI it emulates. I’ve never seen why people are turned on by it — it takes far too many clicks to navigate anywhere useful. DomBulletin does allow an uncategorized, unframed “all by date” view, but it still doesn’t do anything for me.While one could make an incredibly long list of the things that are wrong with the Notes.Net/developerWorks/LDD fora, the core of the application (when the Big Blue Monster is ignored) is eminently usable. Little touches like the mouseover excerpt make it that way. Is it slower than it could be? Yes — but that’s mostly to do with WebQuerySave agents designed to remove passthru HTML (or, rather passthru HTML created with the [ + < marker). Could it be prettier? Of course it could be. Is it anyone’s full-time job to make it pretty? Nope. There are features in the application that have remained the same since Netscape Navigator 4 was the bleeding edge. If Lotus could cut somebody loose for a couple of weeks to give the UI a good going over (styling, menu and link locations, etc.), they could turn the forum into THE exemplar of what a discussion application could be. But apart from proving that it can be done and done well in Domino, what’s there to gain? The fora are already the best user-to-user technical forum on the web.


  6. Ben Poole says:

    When it comes to Domino forums, I must say I’m not a huge fan of developerWorks Lotus. That said, Julian made it a whole lot more usable with his Greasemonkey script!The Workplace forums are certainly better than they were.


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