Splitting Domino Server To Server Traffic

I’m trying to split my server to server traffic away from my client to server and put it on a seperate TCP port ( 1350 ) so that this port can be put into a lower class of service on the wan and the standard 1352 port can then be put in the higher class of service.

According to the manual this should be fairly easy to setup. Just create a new port in the notes.ini, restart, enable the port, set it up in the server doc and reorder it so it’s at the top of the list and bingo, the domino server should use this as the default port for outbound traffic.

But it doesn’t…  And it’s driving me crazy.

Has anybody ever managed to get snything like this working?

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6 comments on “Splitting Domino Server To Server Traffic
  1. Hi Declan,It might take a little more than just the ports…Try to define the IP address too. Can you reach the server using nping (from the sandbox).Hth stw


  2. David says:

    I’m sure I’ve done something similar. I’ve certainly done it for intra-cluster traffic but there is an INI setting to specify that port.

    For requirements similar to yours (if I remember correctly) I created connection documents for all inter-server traffic and specified the new port in those.


  3. Paul Mooney says:

    Dec, I take it you have binded the IP address to ports using the PORTNAME_TCPIPADDRESS lines in the server notes.ini file. with the connection documents specificed to use the new port, it should work. I am sure I did this somewhere many moons ago. If I can find the doc file, I will send it on.


  4. Ben Rose says:

    I’m with Paul, the PORTNAME_TCPIPADDRESS line should sort it.


  5. Dec just pop me an e-mail to discuss this item.

    Regards John


  6. Mark Lambourne says:


    Did you get this working in the end? What was the final answer for how to set this up?



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