Sick of Referrer Spam

I’ve noticed a few other BlogSphere users talking about Referrer Spam and how they are constantly having to clean out the referrer logs. Well while we can’t stop people from spamming the site BlogSphere does have a way to check referrers and not display them if the referrering site doesn’t have a link to you.

To enable this option there are a few things you need to do. You need to make sure that the signer of the database has the ability to run restricted agents and then enable the ‘Verify Referrers’ agent. Then in the Referrer Blocker configuration profile turn on the option not to display referrers. The next time you get a referrer in the blog will wait till the verify referrers agent has run to check to see if the referrer is valid. If it is then it will go into the valid referrers view and if not into the blocked referrers view. The referrer block will only show valid referrers.

One of these days I must write some documentation

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3 comments on “Sick of Referrer Spam
  1. I’ve been using this from the time I swticted to blogsphere. The only problem with the referrer validation is that I seem to get a lot of hits from bloglines, and they won’t validate because the pages require authentication. You could allow an option to pre-validate certain URLs. But then again, I don’t show referers, so what do I care? -rich


  2. Paul Mooney says:

    I liked having the referrer Block enabled. Considering I had 4000 referrer spams in the past 30 hours, its just not a runner. Going to give it one more go……


  3. Rob Novak says:

    I use referrer validation, but would like to be able to “whitelist” as well as block some. Some important referrers such as Bruce, Ed Brill,, and Newbs fail for some reason.


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