BP123 : Improving Collaboration With Blogs & Wikis in Domino

Just getting setup for the session now… I’ll let you all know how it goes once it’s over and I get a change to blog about it.

Finally getting a chance to talk about the session yesterday. We got to the room early and as there was no session on before us we had plenty of time to prepare. 5 minutes before the session started and the room was starting to fill up and by the time we kicked off we had a full room and, as I heard afterwards, we even overflowed into another room. WOW

The session itself went pretty well, a few hic-ups in the demos but we recovered well and the evals that came in afterwards said the exact same.

All in all I was very very happy with how it all went and the stage fright disappeared within seconds.

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One comment on “BP123 : Improving Collaboration With Blogs & Wikis in Domino
  1. Sean Burgess says:

    I really liked your session and learned a lot about RSS. Unfortunately, I am unable to download the reader you recommended due to their site exceeding bandwidth limits. You don’t happen to have a copy of it available, do ya? Let me know by email if ya do.Sean—PS. And let Richard know that the “dot-NOT” comment was completely in jest.


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