ID101 : What’s new in IBM Lotus Notes 7

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With the opening session running over ( they really should just skip the boring businessy stuff and leave it at the Business Partner Day ) this session is starting nearly 45 minutes late.

This is the Notes Client session to show off all the new features in the Lotus Notes V7 client that will be coming in the next release. The session starts off with a quick branding leason. IBM Workplace is the brand that covers all of the clients, from the Rich Client to the notes client.

Notes 7.0 focus points consist of productivity, useability and increased integration through all the domino and workplace family. The Notes 7 instant messaging features been expanded to allow you to set who can see if your online, There is now online awareness within the calendar, and the IM features run in their own thread so it’s quicker and won’t jam up when your replicating.

Oh, note to self for my own presentation. Make sure your location document isn’t set to Island when your doing your demos. My goodness the time delay really messed up the presenters, demo’s not working 100%, screens flickering on and off but they can see the funny side of it which is good. Oh and never demo from your live mailfile…

Some calendar features include the new calendar cleanup tool that allows you to set when old calendar entries should be deleted. You can also press the esc key while responding to a meeting request and the ‘all meetings’ view now has a lot more sorting options.

There are lots of new dialog boxes that have the option to ‘never show again’ if the user desires, even the one to prompt that your exiting notes. All these can be set and unset in the user preferences.

Another new feature is the ability to save your window state so that you can have lotus notes auto open a number of databases when you start it up.

Another presenter note. Make sure you disable your anti-virus software’s autoscan.

A quick demo of the autosave option. The new autosave menu is quite nice, it has it’s own dialog box that lists all autosaved documents and you can click on one to reopen the stage you were at.

Some of the admin stuff but effects endusers is the new policy lockdown where the admin can set certain preferences so that they can’t be changed by the user. There is also a new mail policy where the admin can set message disclaimers.

The 6.5.4 release is going to have a lot of enhancements also, including but not limited to printing enhancements, Improved html rendering, Improved MS RTF importingand Improved procy authentication credentail management..

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