And the speaker is…

Live Blog. Spelling mistakes will be corrected later

…John Cleese. With a great collection of scenes from him many Monty Python films. More in a few minutes.

Ok, couldn’t blog due to too much laughter, John was a hoot. Very funny and he even told us all to visit his website at

Onto the main speach. Ambuj is out talking of how Lotus technologies is growing again, how figures are up like the fact that there are 40% more busines partnets in the audience today.

The stratigy of two years ago was a two way highway. This vision is starting to merge into a new one of single destination where customers from either the notes side or workplace side will be able to join together. With workplace client technology with integrated notes client this vision has started to come through.

And we won’t have to wait. The technology, originally slated for Notes 8 is going to be available now in the Notes 7 version which will be available this summer. And notes 7 isn’t going to be a bloated damp squid. The server has been optimised to run up to 50% more capibilities. Oh and Lotusscript lives…

Another new product called Workplace services express already brings a lot of these modules together. A 3 cd product that installs in under 30 minutes. shipped last month and if your a passport customer you can try it for free as all passport customers will be given a single free licence

With a brief history of Lotus Notes we welcome onto the stage Ray Ozzie. Groove Technologies has a late entry stand in the product showcase so who knows maybe there is going to be increased interoperability between groove and Notes in the future.

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