Want a GMail account – 6 Invites available


I have 6 invites available for GMail so if anybody wants them then leave a comment below with a valid email address and I will be able to send the invites.


First Come First Served


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13 comments on “Want a GMail account – 6 Invites available
  1. Frank says:

    So long as no financial or sexual favours are involved, I would love to receive a GMail invite, pretty please?


  2. Dec,I’d love a GMail account in the Pridelands.I can’t do the finanical favors either, but if I’m at the ‘Sphere this year (keep your fingers crossed) and you get me drunk enough, who knows… Ha ha!


  3. Declan Lynch says:

    Well 2 invites gone…. Enjoy your gMail accounts guys…


  4. Kurt says:

    I would love to kick the tires.



  5. chuck dean says:

    I’d love a gmail invite. I’ve been racking my brain to think of a way to wrangle one. I’d be glad to buy you a beer at the Gonzo Lotusphere party this year. Look for the bald guy with the beard.


  6. Adam says:

    Hello… I would love to take GMail for a spin. Please let me know if you still have any accounts available… Much appreciated… Thanks!


  7. Ruben says:

    Si queda alguna.


  8. Libor Maly says:

    Kindly request: Is there any Gmail invitation available?It would be nice to have one. I can promise to buy you a good Czech beer as soon as you will come to Prague, Czech Republic


  9. Declan Lynch says:

    Only one left now….


  10. Erwin says:

    Is the last one still available? Would love to get it. I will ofcourse be buying you a beer or two at Lotusphere next year


  11. pvl says:

    Timing IS everything, isn’t it?Dash! I would have liked a gmail account to sport about with. Oh, well!In the unlikely event that the last has not been assigned, I would be happy to accept, if offered !


  12. Phelim.Mcparland@dublinbus.ie says:

    I would love an gmail invite, thanking you


  13. Umair says:

    hello friend,
    plz send me invitation of g mail thanx


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