Portal Express on XP

Just been chatting to somebody about Portal Express. I’ve been trying to get it up and running in my test lab for the past week but to no avail. It keeps stopping at the bit where it tries to install the Websphere Application Server. I still haven’t figured out why, but while we were chatting he mentioned something interesting…

Apparently Websphere App Server V5 will run on Windows XP Professional. This means you should be able to get a fairly basic portal server up and running on your personal machine for testing purposes. It’s not supported but apparently it’s in use in an internal IBM site somewhere.

I haven’t tried it yet but if you have wanted to test Portal Express then this info might open a few new doors for you…

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One comment on “Portal Express on XP
  1. Normunds says:

    Probably you stop at the moment when it proclaims that workstation is not a supported platform. If you simply ignore this message it should happily conitnue.I do not know if IBM runs Portal Express on some “special” XP machine, but I think most of developers doing Portal stuff have this combination (XP Pro and Was + Portal or Portal Express) running on their thinkpads with 1Gb memory. Now if you want to drop in also Lotus Wokplace you may probably need to add another Gb to keep it happy.


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