Blogger Lotusphere Awards Honorarium (BLAHs)

Best Speaker Award
Wes Sametime Guy Morgans. His Sametime sessions were informative and he didn’t treat the audience like sheep. Anybody I talked to raved about his session.

Worst Speaker Award
Meredith Lovett. She decided to use Powerpoint’s rehersed timings feature. Two slides into the presentation it all started to go wrong. The timings were all off and slides were flicking by automatically while she was talking. Once she noticed she was saying sorry all the time, laughing and she had to run her presentation in Powerpoint designer mode. If she can turn on Rehearsed Timing then she really should know how to turn it off…

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One comment on “Blogger Lotusphere Awards Honorarium (BLAHs)
  1. Eileen says:

    Agree 100 % with you on this one, he was excellent as per usual


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