V7 Sneak Peek

Well the good news is that the Notes version 7 client is due out next year so I’m sure that there will be a beta available within the next 6 months. The sneak preview today showed a number of working features in the new client and I have to say it’s looking nice. As usual these features are not 100% finished and as we know from the past may even disappear but I’d say that there is some great stuff in the pipeline.

For the developers out there they I’ve already mentioned how you can write web services directly in Lotus Script in the designer client. Well another cool feature, long sought after by a lot of people is the ability to ‘PROGRAM THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON’. Yep, you can add your own actions to the right click menu as easily as creating a new action in a view and choosing the approporiate option. I can already think of a load of uses for this.

There is also a lot of increased presence awareness updates in this new version. With added ability the most apperant UI update is that fact that the sametime icons have all been changed to look exactly like the ones in MSN Messenger. Must be a new universal standard.

So there are some nice new features to look forward to. I’m heading for the labs to talk to the developers to see what else I can find out.

One question at the end asked if there would be some method to allow users to see their mailfile quotas. This is a great feature in the OpenNTF mail template. The speaker has just said that there are no current plans for this in the official template.

UPDATE : They just announced that the V7 Beta is ‘Just around the corner’.

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  1. Hi Dec,
    regarding to the roadmaps, Version 7 will be released in Q4 2004 (and Version 8 is scheduled for next year). I am too very optimistic that a public beta will be released soon.



  2. Heard rumors that Version 7 slipped to 1Q05 and public Beta will start end of march.



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