Lotusphere 2004 : Opening Session

Well the rumours are true. Patrick Stewart opened the session this morning with the Star Trek theme tune filling the room. Telling us that Lotus Software was bolding going where no other software has gone before he was followed by some great demo’s that proved him right.

The BIG news for all us Domino fans is that the IBM Workspace Client was demoed today with LIVE WORKING CODE. With a release date within the next 4 months this is an amazing achievment. The client looked a little cluttered to me but it had all the functionality that I was looking for.

DOMINO APPLICATIONS RUNNING DIRECTLY IN THE WORKSPACE CLIENT. Yes, you read that correctly. Domino applications. Not web based domino apps but the real thing that you and I use today. I’d say that this is the one function we all wanted to know about and seeing it working is a great feat for Lotus.

On to the product showcase… Keep checking back for more updates.

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