kSpam Really Rocks

We all know that spam is an email administrators nightmare. It clogs up bandwidth, takes up storage space and causes user to complain when they start receiving it. It’s also a nightmare to stop spam getting into your systems in the first place.

Thankfully Domino R6 introduced a number of new features that would help cut down on the amount of spam that would get into your system the biggest of these features being the ability to blacklist open relays from sending mail into your smtp listener. But blacklists can’t keep up with the number of mail systems that spammers use to bounce mail into your mailbox from so spam will still get in.

You could try content filtering, add some server based rules to try block messages that contain certain words, but what words are the right ones to block. Block the word ‘sex’ and you could be filtering out more then you realise, just like the UK House of Commons found out last year as reported by the BBC : E-mail vetting blocks MPs’ sex debate.

But the nightmare is finally over for Domino Administrators with a great AntiSpam Filter called kSpam by Tom Lyne which is available for FREE on OpenNTF. Yes you read that correctly I said FREE*.

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