Lotusphere Rollcall


Happy New Year.


Well now that it’s January it means that countdown to Lotusphere is well under way.  The sessions have all been organised, the OpenNTF team are up against the Product Showcase reception in terms of getting numbers to attend their BOF ( whoever allowed these to clash should be taken out back and shot ) ,the CULT t-shirt is nearly ready ( I better get one of these ) and I just received an invite to a ‘special’ dinner for UK and Ireland on the Tuesday night.


In th next few weeks I’ll be heading to Tokyo then back to Ireland for a few days then off to Orlando.  Plenty of Air Miles on the One World program for me   I’m looking forward to Lotusphere this year, I’ve only ever been to the European one once before so it will be a great experience.


If your going then leave a comment below so that I can see who else will be there.  I have to make sure that I meet up for plenty of BEvERageS.


Oh, and watch out for me wearing a ‘BlogSphere’ t-shirt.  I’ve gotten a few made up especially for the trip…


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8 comments on “Lotusphere Rollcall
  1. Ed Brill says:

    Ummm,….the OpenNTF BoF was originally NOT in the Monday night timeslot. Someone asked to have it moved.
    oh and umm…. I’ll be there


  2. Tom Duff says:

    I’ll be there also!


  3. Joe Litton says:

    Oh yeah, I’ll be there!Hey, Dec, if you can put a BlogSphere graphic up on http://www.CafePress.com, you could open an online store (like what Tom and I did at http://www.cafeshops.com/teamtsg …it doesn’t cost YOU anything, and some of US could then buy BlogSphere shirts and do some more promotion.Regardless, looking forward to downing a brew or two


  4. Declan Lynch says:

    Try http://www.cafeshops.com/blogsphere for my first attempt.

    The image I’ve used is ok but I think I need to spend some more time on it with PhotoShop.


  5. Hey Dec,

    I’ll definitely be there. Look forward to meeting up with you and buying you a drink for the wonderful blog template! Thanks, and cannot wait to see ya…

    Take Care,

    P.S. If you are there on Sat. you need to show up for Turtle’s party!


  6. Bruce Elgort says:

    I moved the BoF. It was originally scheduled for 7am on Tuesday morning. I will be too hung over that early in the morning.



  7. Rock says:

    I’ll make sure to reserve you a CULT shirt, Dec BTW, you can also order your official “Lotus Geek” shirts, mugs etc. at my CafePress store as well:http://www.cafeshops.com/lotusgeekSee you at ‘sphere!Rock


  8. Sorry I’m a little late posting to this, but I’ll be at Lotusphere this year too. Hope to see you there.- Julian


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