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Can anybody help. I’m searching for a Domino based Web Content Management System. I’d need full control over the look and feel of the web site and some sort of approval process for new content entered into the system.

Oh, and it doesn’t have to be free or anything…. Just Good….

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  1. Thorsten Ebers says:

    Dec, why dont you start to modify your blog database.I think you do not have to modify too much


  2. Declan Lynch says:

    I had considered that and maybe it could become a future project but at the moment I just don’t have the time so it’s out of the question.


  3. ursus says:


    am note sure if this helps but I seem to remember something like that proposed as a project at http://www.openntf.org?



  4. Ben Poole says:

    You could check out sitegarden, coded by Andrew Stuart. I think he even wrote anarticle about how it was done over at dominopower.com, and it’s free!


  5. Chris Toohey says:

    …and if I go to production with that name, I’ll most likely get my arse sued off!

    Seriously though, depending on what you’re looking for, WIAB might just be it. I’m certain that we can come up with something here Dec – if not full-blown WIAB that possibly a watered-down “for your needs only” sorta deal!

    We’ll talk about it if you’re interested, but first let me know what your looking to get out of it so I don’t waste your time babbling about what WIAB does, especially if it’s something that you couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t use!

    drop me a line!



  6. Declan Lynch says:

    Well I’m currently looking at the Aptrix solution. It looks REALLY good. I sent them an email last week for to pricing info but I still haven’t heard anything back

    Chris, I’m looking for a intranet content management solution where somebody can design the layout and design of the site and somebody else can just enter content. Content won’t show untill it has been approved by the relevant department head.


  7. Chris Toohey says:

    What would they be using to enter the content? The system I built uses a web front-end, and in fact doesn’t even have a Notes client “front” to it.

    I don’t want the user’s to have to install additional software in order to run the “app”.

    WIAB basically allows a person to do the following:

    Design the site layout (via CSS) including the colors and font sizes but also the “frames” and menus.
    Designcreate webpage content “on the fly” allowing them to build a webpage in a “almost-Rich Text” editor.

    It’s best to think of the content building section of the app as W3C-compliant browser-based Word. It gives the individual the click and see feel and rich-text editing controls while not having them either download a clunky Java applet or even installing a 3rd party tool.

    We’ll be rolling live with it hopefully by the end of the week, (cross ‘dem fingers) and, after talking with the brains behind the operation can talk about licensing the app (I’m only the developer of the product, not the true owner of it).

    Of course, I’m really interested in making the WYSIWYG editing and management via the web a part of blogsphere (hence my joining the openNTF initiative ), so you may just want to stick around and grab it out of the free-ware piece when we get together

    I’m certain that I could put something together as a “demo” to show you what I’m talking about and allow you to see what we’ve got. In fact, adding a little bit of workflow to what we have right now might just be the toolset that you’re looking for ( IMHO ).

    Either way, we’ll chat


  8. Seems like everybody has some CMS on Domino. We did some:

    When a web frontend was required we used Ektron as HTML Editor (Does tables, xHTML, Word & Excel Drag & Drop). There is document life cycle. Site hierarchy, automatic menus…
    I can send u one of the templates as teaser…


  9. Declan,

    The company I work for is looking at a product called Interwoven. It integrates with just about everything, is fairly comprehensive, supports workflow among some other features. It is not Domino based but does interact with Domino fairly well. It’s not a very mature project but has great possiblity.



  10. Dec,

    I’ve been contracting a lot for a company called TJ Group. They have offices across Europe and in USA, albeit not in Ireland (London being the closest, I guess).

    One of their three main product lines is “TJ Group CMS Suite”, a content management solution with features/components like inter/extra/intra-nets, portal, portlets, personification, backend connectors, helpdesk, workflow/approval, image archive etc, – the works. http://www.tjgroup.com/cms .

    All domino-based, with both browser and notes client.

    In my opinion (not completely unbiased, I guess ), the solution is an attractive candidate for inter/extra/intra-nets. They also market an “express” version of the product (limited customisation-options, lower price).

    If you like to check it out I could hook you up with them to get a demo of some kind.


    (Oslo, Norway)


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