Server Move

I’m in the middle of moving servers to DominoDeveloper.Net. There may be a few glitches as my domain gets moved in the DNS and as I get used to the idea of not running my own Domino server any more.

My main reason for moving to a hosting service was because of the number hits my two sites were getting. It was starting to use up too much bandwidth on my cable modem. I will now be able to use by home bandwidth for other things ( like playing Unreal Tournament 2003 ) and not have to worry about rebooting my machine or power failures etc.

Things should settle down within a few days and then it’s back to BlogSphere development. V1.1.0 is currently under development, the Blogger API support is just about finished, RSS feeds have been updated to RSS 2.0 and a few other new options are on the way. A public beta will be available in a few weeks time.

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