Need a Sametime or QuickPlace Admin

A week or so ago I posted about doing my ND6 Admin upgrade and Domino Workflow development exams. I also mentioned that I would be doing the Sametime and Quickplace administration exams the next day. Well due to a few problems with credit cards I had to defer them till today.

Well I’ve just completed the two exams in about 20 minutes each and came out with exactly the same percentage score of 89% each in both of them. So if anybody needs a SameTime 3 or QuickPlace 3 administrator then give me a shout. I won’t charge you too much…. 🙂

If anybody out there is thinking about doing the exams then for Sametime I’d suggest that you make sure you know what ports are for what services and for QuickPlace I’d be revising the QPTOOL commands.

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2 comments on “Need a Sametime or QuickPlace Admin
  1. Congrats, numerous people complain about those exams, mainly the Sametime 3 admin exam. And I am tired of getting the emails. 🙂 Good to see someone knew what to study and read the comp guide that has to be put together before any questions get written. It then gets revised as new areas arise, but it is finalized before the exam goes gold.


  2. Joe Litton says:

    20 minutes each! Impressive. Congratulations on 4 certifications in about a week’s time – probably some kind of record. Good work Declan!


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