Delete JSC Lock Files

A while back I posted about how to change the Domino R6 service startup command so that it would automatically start with the Java Console support enabled.

I was just taking a quick look through the SandBox and I came across a handy little utility. When you start the Domino server with the Java Console enabled it creates a special lock file called .jsc_lock in the Domino data directory. Quiting the server normally will get rid of the lock file however in the case of a server crash the file will still exist when the server is rebooted and therefore the Domino service will not start.

So what is needed is something that will delete the .jsc_lock file before the Domino service starts. The easiest way of doing this is to create another service and make the Domino service dependent on it so that the Domino service won’t run until the new service has ran and removed the file.

Download the file from the SandBox

R6.5 Wishlist : During server installation have an option to ask if the administrator would like to enable the Java Console when creating the service and auto install this little addon if it is selected.

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