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Developing any application when part of a team takes coordination above all else. While most development environments have source control and locking Domino has, until version 6, really lacked in this area. Now that Design Locking has been added in ND6 group development has not just gotten better but in my opinion a lot better then any other environment out there.

With the power of cross certification, Domino Designer and Instant Messaging a group of developers from all around the globe who have never met each other can work on a single application. This is exactly what happened today when two members of the Domino Community got together to give a hand with BlogSphere. With three of us all working on the template at the same time and instant messaging to allow us to chat everything went perfectly. Nobody overwrote anybody elses work or caused anything to stop working. Development like this is easy to manage in Domino.

I can see it now. A SameTime… sorry… IBM Instant Messaging enabled version of Domino Designer that has a small panel on the side to show who is ‘in the template’ and the ability for group chat.

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8 comments on “Global Domino Development
  1. Robert Basic says:

    hi Decs,

    nice idea…you should tell this IRIS…

    Im not that sure, but isnt there a locking function in the IDE in R6 or am i wrong? That would be a very good complement to the chat module.


  2. Declan Lynch says:

    If only I knew how to get to the partner forum. I work for a business partner and we have never used the forum. Maybe somebody can email the url…


  3. Rune Carlsen says:

    Great idea – get it posted in the partner forum 🙂 Would probably get alot of “VOTES YES” reponses….


  4. That would be great. I think IBM needs to SameTime enable everything. Personally, I think they should create hotspots that link to a person, so you can easily create a hotspot to a computed person in any application, either using a hotspot type or a new @Formula function or something.


  5. Thorsten Ebers says:

    i think a small dot green/red etc does not occupy so much more space. And for the same reason as you have a discussion enabled sametime db you should have the designer enabeld. actually you have a green dot only , if another designe ris actually on that same design-element. In an team env. it makes sense knowing that another person is working on the same form and with design elements you dont get a replication conflict.


  6. Bruce Lill says:

    This would be of use to only a few developers.
    Why would 2 or more developers be in the same database at the sametime? They would be working on a local copy and using the template for changes. If your in a development group, you have the group in your sametime buddy list already and can see whos online. So why take up room in the designer’s crowded panel when you have the sametime client?


  7. Thorsten Ebers says:

    well your compnay has to apply for validation on extranet .
    If you dont mind I will ask for a wish in the forum pointing to your url


  8. Ron says:

    I think it is a great idea. The point is to know who is currently working in that template. Maybe also showing a history of who worked on the template that you could expand so you know “oh hey, Fred was working on this yesterday. Let me chat him up to see if he’s done with this design element.”


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