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A new feature for BlogSphere that I have been playing with is the ability to ‘Blog In Advance’. The idea is that you can create an entry with the date set in the future. The new entry will only appear on or after the entries date has been reached or is past.

I suppose the main reason for creating this feature is so that if you have a few good ideas for entries but don’t want to put them all out on the same day you can stagger them across a number of days.

What does everybody think about this feature? After using it a few times in the last few days I feel that in some way it’s cheating because the entry is not spontaneous but i don’t know if it should be left in as a feature…

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10 comments on “Blog In Advance ? ? ?
  1. Ben says:

    Gah! I think you’ll find Ed that it was “No blog entries found” ’cause it was the start of March and my site only showed current month entries then (this has now changed).

    So it wasn’t an error, my site was working as designed.

    It was just badly designed 😀


  2. I think its a great idea. The spontinaity comes form when you create it not when you post it. Its really no different than keeping a list of ideas of things you want to write about and it helps keep the site fresh.


  3. Ed Falcon says:

    Sounds like the majority of folks are for it…I’m with them. I’ve used this method for some time now. It started when I visited a site (cough..Ben) on the 1st of the month, and noticed an error or page not found…can’t remember. It was a few months back. 8)


  4. jonvon says:

    Good idea Dec! 🙂


  5. Good One Dec,

    I’ve been usnig that from teh very beginning. In fact I have a Blog Admin section where I can create drafts for future entries, then I just change the status and the published date.


  6. Ben says:

    Sound idea; I’ve used this kind of functionality in the past (e.g. January 1st!)… who cares if it’s “cheating”?


  7. Tom Duff says:

    I too vote for the feature. When I was blogging the other day I thought about something I wanted to talk about right then, but not have published until the next day. I ended up leaving it in draft, but it would have been nice to just set it and forget it.


  8. Chris Toohey says:

    I agree with this method as I too have been using it for some time. My only advice would be…

    Don’t use time-based view selections.

    If you can get around this with a “posting-agent” to run nightly and change the document publishing status then you should be good to go.

    … as we all know that time-based views need to be recalculated on openning = more trips to the server = slower site etc etc etc.


  9. Joe Litton says:

    This is a great idea. …as cool as the warped clock image on your posting…which is VERY cool. It fits well with a ‘series’ article; e.g., a 3-part article about how to do such-and-such. Get the thing written and stage it across a few days. This template keeps getting better and better!


  10. Chris Miller says:

    Just to think, I wrote this comment two days before your posting.


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