Is OpenNTF Open Enough

Mike over at put up a small post about a new
feature that he has implemented in his Blog Template, however the
seem to have turned into a discussion about OpenNTF and Open Source Blog templates. What are your views ? Get over there now and let everybody know.

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4 comments on “Is OpenNTF Open Enough
  1. Hmm… My Swedish characters seems strange in the comment. Is this working: å, &auml, ö?


  2. Funny,
    you are asking about and on openntf they are talking about master cook Declan Lynch not responding. It seems things get more complicated.



  3. Anil Vartak says:

    We are making changes to the OpenNTF project management process to simplify things, such as:

    a) removing the minimum voting requirement

    b) project ideas are now suggested on the forum itself and then can be converted from discussion topics to a project anytime the submitter wants

    c) removing the team/openings concept so that a project is open to participation by anybody who visits Openntf and not just the team members

    We will continue to make changes as we need to, so please do provide feedback on the OpenNTF site if you have any comments.


  4. Ben says:

    We use an in-house tool developed in C which is CVS-like in that developers can check out NSF design elements, roll back to earlier versions, and so forth. It’s ideal for multi-developer projects.On the commercial front, I guess the nearest to CVS for Domino is Teamstudio‘s CIAO!


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