Instant MSN Messages

There seems to be a lot of Instant Messenger talk going on between Bruce Elgort and Alex Hernandaz. There are not the only ones looking at IM on their Blogs, I’ve been doing a bit of research myself.

I’ve looked at the Online Status Indicator tool and I’ve noticed a few things. First of all you don’t need to ‘register’ to use it. Just point to the URL and it works anyway. Secondly if uses a small bit of VBScript to start up MSN messenger so it should be fairly easy to make clickable links from that.

<BODY ONLOAD=VBScript:IMessenger.InstantMessage(“”)>

I’ll be working on it….

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One comment on “Instant MSN Messages
  1. Hi Declan,

    Sound great that your are doing all that research.

    We are all anxious to see how to implement it.



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