Domino Generated HTMl headers

This has been driving me crazy for a while but I finally managed to get it working.  And it was so simple I feel like kicking myself…

Basically I have been trying to get my domino http server to stop putting the html head and body codes around my forms when viewed over the web.  Why do I want to do this? Well the form I’m outputting is a single field that contains css code and the html head and body tags break the validation of the css.

Turning off the auto generated domino stuff was so simple but it took ages to find at especially as some sites said it was not possible.  So here it is for all to see…

To turn off the auto generated crap that domino insists on putting around forms you go to the forms properties and on the second tab ( in R6 anyways ) set the ‘On Web Access Content Type’ to HTML and then save the form.

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