Splitting Domino Server To Server Traffic

I’m trying to split my server to server traffic away from my client to server and put it on a seperate TCP port ( 1350 ) so that this port can be put into a lower class of service on the wan and the standard 1352 port can then be put in the higher class of service.

According to the manual this should be fairly easy to setup. Just create a new port in the notes.ini, restart, enable the port, set it up in the server doc and reorder it so it’s at the top of the list and bingo, the domino server should use this as the default port for outbound traffic.

But it doesn’t…  And it’s driving me crazy.

Has anybody ever managed to get snything like this working?

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Handy WorkPlace and Domino resource

Found this very handy resource on the DeveloperWorks forums the other day that describes the entire WorkPlace Services Express installation and Domino integration.


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More WSE and Domino LDAP

After configuring the WorkPlace Services Express server to use my Domino LDAP server I noticed that WSE was performing quite slowly. Just moving from one page to the next was taking about 30 – 40 seconds.

Playing around with the Domino LDAP configuration I fixed this problem by setting the LDAP setting to automatically create a Full Text Index of the Domino NAB.  Restarting the LDAP server and waiting for the index to be built showed a significant increase in speed in WSE.

I’d also recommend that you check the WebSphere Portal administration settings for LDAP and ensure that it is set to reuse the connection.

I’ve also gotten the Notes Mail Technical Preview portlet working in WSE. More on how to do that later.

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WorkPlace Services Express and Domino LDAP

Ok, I’ve been pulling my hair out for the past while to get my WSE server working with my Domino server for authentication. After following the instructions step by step, word by word, letter by letter I just couldn’t get it working.

Well a load of emails to internal IBM sources later and it turns out that somebody left out one of the steps in the instructions. It turns out that the proceedure to change the security takes longer then the default SOAP wait period so you need to increase the SOAP timeout.

To do this just open the WSEAppServerPropertiessoap.client.props file and set the timeout value to 6000. Then after following the steps in the instructiosn run the wizards as instructed and you’ll end up with a successful install of WSE that is integrated to your Domino LDAP.

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Passport Access to WorkPlace Services Express

I finally got some information back regarding getting the WorkPlace Services Express added to my Passport Agreement :

Free Workplace Services Express promotion announced at Lotusphere

As announced by Ambuj Goyal at the Lotusphere 2005 opening session, IBM Lotus will begin giving away free 20-packs of Workplace Services Express, one per Passport account, to anyone who registers on a special Web page. The six-month promotion will begin by the end of this quarter. Timing and operational details will be announced soon.

Customers will see the SKU added to their account exactly as if they purchased it. They can install and use up to 20 licenses, including a year of support and subscription, and will get a standard renewal invoice at the end of the year. This offer is also being made available to PartnerWorld members.

WSE provides a complete, easy to use platform for team or departmental collaboration. With this free offer, IBM and BPs can help anyone try WSE with no obligation. It can be set up and deployed in minutes, and customized to any group scenario. WSE will combat the growth of Sharepoint and Sharepoint Services deployments in customer accounts, and diminish the appeal of Core CAL and other bundling tactics from Microsoft.

So there you have it. There will be a special webpage published soon where Passport and PartnerWorld customers will be able to signup and have the product added to their account.

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Multilingual WorkPlace Services Express

A little while ago I blogged about a method to get the lotus Notes client in multi-lingual mode so that we could deploy the latest version in all the languages that we support in the company.

Today I was giving a quick demo of WorkPlace Services Express to somebody in Germany and when we loaded the webpage up on their computer it was all in German. We logged in and everything inside WSE was also german.

Playing around with my Internet Explorer settings I changed my default language to each of the languages that we support and Workplace automatically switched to each of them with no problem, including the Chinese and Japanese languages.

This is a cool feature and like all the other cool stuff in WorkPlace Services Express this feature doesn’t require any special settings, it just works.

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Signs Your Notes Developer Needs More Training

As a notes admin you have to deal with the average user queries every day, you know the ones, how do I add a signature to my emails, how do I archive my mail etc., but what do you do when the notes developer asks the questions. Talking online tonight with another notes admin this topic came up after they were asked by their developer if it was possible to debug lotusscript so here’s just a few that I’ve heard about in all my years of working with Notes.

  • How do I turn on the script debugger?
  • What’s a mail-in database?
  • Can we give everybody manager access to this database?
  • What does signing a database mean?

Do you have any more to add?

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