Learning XPages Part 54 : The End…

Back at the start of this series I mentioned
three application objectives, the first was to build an XPages based phone
book, the second was to give the notes client side of the application the
Java Views look and feel and the third was to create an agent to sync the
phone book with a Lotus Domino directory.

Throughout this series we have been
working on part 1 of the application objectives, to build an XPages phonebook
application, and at long last we have reached our goal, we now have a beautiful
XPages application that follows the oneUI look and feel that you are familiar
with in some other IBM products and allows the end user to look up peoples
details etc. We have also created the ability for a phone book editor to
be able to create locations and people right there from web interface.

If you have followed the entire series
and tried to build the application yourself you would have been introduced
to a wide variety of areas within the XPages, we have looked at many of
the built-in controls and also created out own custom controls. We have
seen how you don’t need to learn advanced JavaScript to be able to write
snippits of code, just learning the simple language operators will get
you by and we have also seen how you can easily use your existing lotusscript
and formula language skills within your javascript code.

I certainly hope that you have enjoyed
the series and that the power of XPages is now a little clearer for you.
I know I have learnt a lot by pulling apart the sample templates and presenting
my findings to you in the series. I think I can safely say that my future
Domino website development will be done in XPages rather then the traditional

You can now download the final phone
book application from OpenNTF


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20 comments on “Learning XPages Part 54 : The End…
  1. Chris Toohey says:

    AMAZING work here Declan! This community owes you BIG TIME for this contribution.


  2. David Leedy says:

    Wonderful series! Thanks for all your effort into putting it together. It’s a great resource for the Yellowverse!


  3. Bruce Elgort says:

    You had me at Chapter 1. Simply amazing job Dec!


  4. John Coolidge says:

    Great Job It’s people like you who make the community that much easier to work in


  5. Henning Heinz says:

    Just wanted to take a quick look but the version on OpenNTF seems to be encrypted.Thank you for taking the time to write this great tutorial.


  6. Bahama Pappa says:

    Excellent! Can’t wait to give it a go…


  7. Steve Smillie says:

    This is great. I am only 1/3 through but already have learned a lot.THANKS!!!!


  8. Declan Lynch says:

    I have updated the download on OpenNTF so that local encryption is turned off. I always forget to untick that box when making local copies.


  9. sean cull says:

    Fantastic effort, thanks a million, Sean


  10. Awesome work Dec!

    Its been great just following along reading the posts. Can’t wait to be able to actually do the work in an 8.5 client/designer and then do some of my own work with Xpages based on your tutelage.

    You are truly a great asset to our community!


  11. Thank you Declan for a superb “huge” article on xpages!


  12. John Turnbow says:

    Great work!! All of us will be learning from you…



  13. Tony Palmer says:

    Ditto to all the above comments. Simply great work and dedication. Thanks for taking the time to share this with everyone.


  14. Jens Polster says:

    Thanks, Declan for putting so much effort into creating a first class learning resource which can get every “classic” Domino web developer started doing XPages really easily.Yesterday we supported IBM at a Lotusphere Comes to You event for a large customer. After I had given my presentation on XPages the developers were very excited and asked for sources to get started. We referred them to your blog for a great introduction.


  15. are you sure you finished? =) thanks for writing


  16. Mark Crosby says:

    Thanks Declan! Now I just need to set aside the time to get through all these posts.


  17. Urs Meli says:

    Thanks Declan. Great Stuff. Now I just have to find some guide for the tag cloud part….


  18. Rob Kordisch says:

    Thanks Declan! Now that I finished your tutorial, I am ready to build my first xpage app! The knowledge you shared will certainly give anyone new to xpages a significant jumpstart.


  19. Edwin says:

    Thanks for the good work.


  20. Andreas says:

    Absolutely amazing guide. But i can’t figure out how to open the xphone in notes. I’ve downloaded it from openntf and made a database from the ntffile and put it on a 8.5 server. But when i doubleclick the Xphone app in notes i doesn’t open. Strange…


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