Windows Vista on ThinkPad T43

Windows Vista has finally been launched
and is available to purchase from your local computer store. As part of
the beta test group for Vista I’ve been running it on my various computers
for the past year and I have to say that since the RTM release in November
the only issues I’ve had is the lack of drivers, but all that changed today.

Most companies have been holding off
on releasing their drivers till the launch today, even microsoft have been
holding out on a few extra fixes as starting my laptop today it downloaded
about 8 hotfixes from the windows update website.  One thing I have
missed on my T43 Thinkpad is the fingerprint reader and the new updated
software for that was released today also, infact nearly all the typical
thinkpad software extras have been updated for Vista and released today.

So if you have a Thinkpad and your interested
in running Vista you will be pleased to know that you won’t lose any of
the extra features like the fingerprinter reader, client security system,
hotkeys, presentation manager, power manager etc. They all seem to be working
fine here.

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15 comments on “Windows Vista on ThinkPad T43
  1. Brian says:

    I assume you ran Notes on this machine. What version, and did you have any issues?Thanks


  2. Timothy Briley says:

    Speaking of Vista, I read in ComputerWorld where Vista isn’t officially a supported platform for Notes and won’t be until this summer. But somehow I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere in the Notes community. So anything you can tell us will be a big help.


  3. Declan Lynch says:

    ‘Official Support’ and ‘Works On’ are two very different things.Lotus Notes works on Vista with no problems, I’ve tested 6.0.x, 6.5.x & 7.0.x on Vista and I’m using it everyday. It works and it works fine.However if I did run into a problem and I rang Lotus for support then they would tell me that it hasn’t been tested and therefore not supported.It’s kind of like how the Domino Server is not supported on Ubuntu but some members of the Lotus community have gotten it working on Ubuntu and have released documents on how to get it running. IBM lotus won;t support it but it will work.My guess is that Vista will be officially supported in the next release from IBM/Lotus, bit it the Notes 8 release or a Notes 7.x release.


  4. Timothy Briley says:

    Thanks for the response as it is the first one I’ve seen in the Notes community where someone didn’t have to create a few hacks to get Notes to run under Vista.The lack of official support combined with not much in the way of Notes community discussion has made me rethink my plans on getting a new laptop.Now that someone, (you), has stated that different versions of Notes works well for them on their Vista laptop, I can go ahead. Assuming of course, that I can afford the system and video RAM the Vista pig seems to require.Just a bit more information, when you have time: What version of Vista are you running, how much system and video RAM does your laptop have, and responsive is your laptop when running Notes compared to when you ran Notes under XP?Re-reading the above, I’m asking a lot of questions, so answer what you can, when you can. I read this blog most every day.


  5. Declan Lynch says:

    The laptop I use for daily stuff is a Thinkpad T43. It has 2Gb Ram and 64Mb Graphics ( using an ATI Mobility X300 ).I have no problems with response times on the laptop, Its probably about the same as when I had XP on the same box.I actually used this laptop to do my Lotusphere presentation, running Powerpoint 2007 along with two VMWare Partitions ( run running Windows longhorn server and the other running Vista ).I’m running Vista Ultimate Build 6000 ( the same as you can now purchase in stores ).One thing I will recommend is that if it’s a personal machine then turn off Vista’s UAC as the first thing you do before installing any software, it will just make live so much easier. Yeah i know it’s removing a level of security but it’s also removing a level of inconvenience.


  6. Timothy Briley says:

    Video-wise, does “only” 64 Meg of Video RAM cause you to miss out on some of Vista’s video capabilities?


  7. Declan Lynch says:

    Nope, the X300 uses some of the main memory to expand, I have full areo


  8. martin says:

    Declan Lynch,

    I do not see where you can download the Vista T43 fingerprint drivers. I see that you stated you already have these? Can you post a link, etc?




  9. Declan Lynch says:

    I just went to { Link } and then went to the drivers section, typed in my thinkpad model number and it was in the list.


  10. Paul says:

    alright, so call me an idiot, but looking at the lenovo site I see drivers, which I installed, but I don’t see any fingerprint software that is compatible with windows vista. I only see the one for xp, and it doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions?


  11. Chris says:

    So what are the exact instructions to make Lotus Notes compatible for Windows Vista – Enterprise Edition(or any edition for that matter).


  12. Joe says:

    Fingerprint Software 5.6 for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

    { Link }


  13. Joe says:

    Fingerprint Software 5.6 for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.
    <br />
    <br />{ <a href=”{ Link } rel=”nofollow” target =”blank”>Link</a> }
    <br />


  14. DimiBoy says:

    hey is your t43 core 2 duo or pentium m?


  15. Kenneht Andersen says:

    IBM T43 is Pentium Mobile – I have a 2.0 (single-core) with Windows Vista Ultimate.. Running ok.


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