Windows Vista And Lotus Notes

I’ve been testing Windows Vista now since the early builds before they were available to the public and every time a new build would come out I’d backup all my files to DVD so I could scrub the harddrive and start again with a clean install.  Part of the backup would be to make sure my Notes ID and addressbook and any other NSF’s I have in my notes data directory would be on the DVD.

So here I am with the latest Beta 2 build ( the one that’s available to the public on the MS website ), I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it’s starting to get really slow and buggy due to all the software i’d install and uninstall for testing purposes so I decided I’m going to scrub it this weekend and I may as well copy everything to the office network as it will be faster then DVD. The first program that i install on Vista is the Lotus Notes client with the Admins and Designer clients.

I go to my C:Program FilesLotusNotesData directory and I can’t find anything, all the templates are there but no sign of my ID file and names.nsf or any other NSF. Ok, I’ll look at the notes.ini…  It only has 4 lines of text in it, it looks just as it would as if I’d done a clean install. ok, I look at the notes shortcut to see if it’s looking at a different ini file but nope, it’s pointing to the one I just looked at. I start up notes ( which loads no problem ) and look at the user preferences to see where it’s data directory is…  Guess what, it says the data directory is the one I just looked at, the one with no NSF files in it…

So what’s going on? I can’t see the files but Lotus Notes can, it must be a Vista thing.  After a load of searching I eventually found the answer.  Windows Vista introduced a new feature in the newest build called User Account Protection and one of the side effects is that it can intercept software from writing files back into the %windir% or %progfiles% directories and silently redirect the file to a different location.  When teh software goes looking for the file it sees a merged version of the two locations, when the user goes looking in explorer they just see one set of files… the wrong set.

So if your going to run Lotus Notes on Windows Vista then make sure you know that the users personal files are now stored in the c:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesLotusNotes…

Of course another side effect of this is that each person logging into the Vista computer now will have their own set of VirtualStore files so it turns the Notes client into a MultiUser type install. 

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34 comments on “Windows Vista And Lotus Notes
  1. Thanks for the heads-up. Did the CTRL-SHIFT-F9 ever get resolved?


  2. Declan Lynch says:

    The ctrl-shift-f9 keystroke has been removed from the later builds of Vista. It was ‘apparently’ a developer shortcut for testing the glass features of the Aero interface.


  3. Andrew van der Stock says:

    I’ve installed Notes on Vista beta 2 tonight. It installed okay, but when it tries to fire up, the splash screen shows and then it dies.Do you know of any fixes for this?I am forced to use Notes 6.5.4 as that’s the version that my company provides for us and as yet they have not provided 6.5.5. Is there a way to go to a later client if that fixes the problem and remains compatible (or unnoticeable) to the server?thanks,Andrew


  4. Joe Elway says:

    Hey Dec,
    On a related note (I think this functionality was licensed from them), have you checked out Softricity? MS are planning to buy them. Really nice technology.


  5. Roger says:

    hey Andrew – When launching notes I got the same thing… it just goes dead! But then I right clicked on the icon – properties – compatability tab and checked the run as administrator box. Not it runs…


  6. Scott says:

    so how did you install the lotus notes client. did you install it on the root of C: or did you keep it as lotus notes defalt. At the company I work for we put it on the root of C: so would this be a problem for us or would this be the way to avoid this.


  7. Galton says:

    Hi Guys,

    i have installed notes 7.x on Vista built 5600.
    I’ve checked the run as administrator tab, taken changed the owner on the notes folder to my account. Still it’s just a splash and dash without notes running
    Any more ideas`?


  8. grr says:

    I am also trying to install notes 7.0 on build 5600. Just disappears. I did not have this issue with the previous. I also cannot ge the McAfee 8.5 to run, tried several options. Again , worked well on the previous vista release


  9. David says:

    You could always do a custom install and install to C:Lotus…. that should avoid the virtualstore option being used should you not want this.


  10. abhishek says:

    Dear Sir,

    notes 6.5.1 is giving nsd error when i m trying to installed lotus note it installes fine ,but when i try to open mail file its gives nsd.

    With Regards,
    Abhishek Chakraborty
    india Administrator (lotus notes)


  11. Chad West says:

    I’m running the 6.5.5 on VIsta Beta2 Build 5384.

    I installed to the Program Files directory. After installing and logging into Notes, I get ” An error has occurred in a Lotus Notes application.”

    Then it shuts down!!! Any thoughts?


  12. Chad West says:

    I’m running the 6.5.5 on VIsta Beta2 Build 5384.
    <br>I installed to the Program Files directory. After installing and logging into Notes, I get ” An error has occurred in a Lotus Notes application.”
    <br>Then it shuts down!!! Any thoughts?


  13. Daryl Robtoy says:

    I’m trying to load 6.5.4 on Vista Build 5600. I am unable to enter the Networking, Advanced TCP/IP Settings, enter the DNS tab, check the Append these DNS suffixes (in order) radio button, and add the domain I need to connect to. This section is all grayed out. How do I activate this section? Does anyone have the solution to this problem?




  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi,I’ve installed Notes 6.5.5 on vista RC1 (5600). When I try to open mail file it gives nsdc:lotus or c:program files give the same nsd, runnig as administrator or not !If mail file structure (on server) under V6 then nsd on mail accessIf mail file under V5 acces is correct but crashs after a whileAnyone would know a fix ?


  15. John W. in Chicago says:

    You have to install LNotes at the root of C: for both the executable file ( c:notes… ) and for the data directory ( c:notesdata… ).I am running v6.5.2 w/ a patch and it is running fine with no mods to the startin or program path and no security changes…Hope this helps.


  16. Piyoosh says:

    My problem seems same as Abhishek (Comment #10). Lotus notes gives nsd on opening a mail file.. i.e. if i go to mail section. I’ve tries both 6.5.3 and 6.5.5. But couldn’t find the bug. I tried outlook connector for domino, but that too gave nsd… no luck yet! Does anybody knows of a patch for this?


  17. HelixFelix says:

    Ok, so I have found this site obviously looking for a fix to vista and lotus notes working “well” together. I see that a lot of people posting have vista beta’s with v6 of notes. I however am running Windows Vista Enterprise and lotus notes v7-R01 (the one that fixes sametime). I have tried both installing LN off the c drive (with no sucess) as well as “run as administrator” AND “Compatibility mode” on. Again, nothing came of this. If anyone could help with some other possible troubleshooting tips that would be wonderful. thanks!


  18. Khor Yong Chen says:

    Hi, I am using Vista Ultimate & Lotus Notes 7.0.2, No luck. I installed into program files(x86) directory and gave full administrator rights. Yet, it shows the spalash screen and that’s it. nothing else. Help…


  19. Chris says:

    So what are the exact instructions to make Lotus Notes 6.5.x compatible for Windows Vista – Enterprise Edition(or any edition for that matter).


  20. Jonathan says:

    I have the same issue as Abhishek (#10) and Piyoosh (#16). Even when installing Notes 6.5.3 in the root, turning Vista account control off, running as an administrator, Notes crashes the second time accessing mail after installing. Interesting that I can get into mail the very first time after configuration but never again after restarting Notes. The error log generated related to nsd has 4 “access denied” entries in it so it seems like a security issue but I am not a Notes expert! Hopefully someone will have a simple solution!


  21. Shawn says:

    I have the same issue as Abhishek (#10), Piyoosh (#16), and Jonathan (#20). Lotus Notes 6.5 w/ Vista Home Premium. I’ve tried all that Jonathan tried. I can get mail, open cal. entries, DBs etc. but whenever I try to create anyting (mail, cal. entry, etc.) I get an error and LN crashes. Funny, but many times it sends the mail, etc., but that is it… I have to restart notes or even reboot in order to do anythigng else… Kind of hurts my productivity


  22. Mike Hobbs says:

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the tip. Not sure about those with the nsd problem (I think there is something about it on the IBM site) but for those with it closing after showing the splash screen… You need only install the program to an alternative location:

    In my case:

    This is needed because, as the original post states, Vista restricts access to the %windir% and %progdir% directories. You could probably get away with just changing the data dir location, but I haven’t tried it.



  23. Anu says:

    Am Using Vista buisness edition and Lotus Notes 7. when am using notes
    with vista i cant change the password of my mail account.when i enterd
    the new password it saying “Cannot Access or create the id file” when i
    press it OK. it saying password has been changed . but when i try it from
    the new password it won’t work. it will work only from the old password.

    Am appriciate if you could send me the answer this matter . thanx


  24. Marko Salmela says:

    I installed 6.5.3 on Vista Home edition. I installed it in the program files directory, but I then gave full administrative rights to the particular user who needs to use it on the PC. Notes begins to open, I can see the mail file start to open (left hand column with inbox, sent, etc. begins to appear), however then the NSD error appears. It references a couple processes that look like they are in the c:windows directory. I tried to apply full control rights to this user, they are an admin to c:windows, however I get an acces denied error message when trying to apply the rights!


  25. Cy Leung says:

    Vista UltimateLotus Notes 5.08I can install it and run itbut after a while, windows prompt me Allow of Not of “nupdate.exe” access resource.But whatever i choose allow or not , Notes hang!!!what’s go on ? Notes 5.0 is too old for Vista?


  26. Anshar says:

    i installed Lotus Notes 6.5 on Windows Vista Home Edition. installation is completed perfectly but while i open the Mail file it gives nsd error… if you could give solution for this, it will be very helpful..


  27. anzen says:

    is it still possible to install lotus R5 to a system running a windows vista business??


  28. uenori says:

    Windows Vista Business and Lotus Notes 5.0.12
    Me too.
    I run Notes,Windows prompt me Allow of Not of “nupdate.exe”access resource.

    I found one method by trial and error.
    it is..
    I remane nupdate.exe to nupdate_org.exe .
    So,Windows(Notes)cannot find nupdate.exe,But Notes runs go on.
    But I’m sorry I don’t know the software of nupdate.exe what to do.

    Please tell me what nupdate.exe it is.


  29. Ed Brill says:

    Those seeking IBM’s official technote on the topic of Notes and Vista should check: { Link }


  30. Nic Harris says:

    Dec… THANK YOU. I can now breathe again as my CEO decides NOT to fire me !!


  31. Alvin House says:

    I guess this is one way to force companines to migrate to exchange. Mr. Gates I backed you for many years but now I disappointed in the tactics of your company.


  32. Ramesh Maithani says:

    My case is, While open the lotus 6.5 in windows vista business, there are only shown welcome page and hide after few second. wht i can do that above problem.


  33. Tom says:

    I read through this thread and several other and no where do I see how you were able to make 6.5.x client work with Vista. I have installed in the 6.5.3 client and go load Notes and do most things except when I go to send a email it crashes the app. The email gets sent, but I have to estart the app. I get Error ($): can’t attach to process


  34. Girish says:

    Is Lotus Compatable with Windows Vista


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