Lotusphere Booked

For the past two years around this time
I’ve had to go to my manager and convince the company that Lotusphere is
where I needed to be the following January.  It was a case of working
out costs, sending them to the CIO for approval and waiting for the verdict,
luckily for the past two years the verdict has been yes.

This year it’s a little different, while
I was on my wonderful holiday in Las Vegas the company I work for decided
to announce a major restructuring, one of the things to come out of the
restructuring was the transfer of the IT function from Dublin to Germany.
 Unfortunately for me this means that I am soon to be made redundant.
 It will be a shame to see a wonderful Domino infrastructure that
I built from the ground up being handed over to another administrator but
at the same time the severance package being offered is reasonable.

So when the decision about going to
Lotusphere came up I only had one person to ask and that was myself.  I
said YES

So see you all in Orlando in January.

Which reminds me, if anybody is looking
for a good IBM Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino and Companion Products administrator
then let me know….

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9 comments on “Lotusphere Booked
  1. I didn’t book yet, but I will for sure.But I think you’re selling yourself short… For one I know you are a better designer than a lot of the so called developers I know.So why not apply at the Dublin Software Lab of IBM?


  2. Ian Cherrill says:

    Declan – I’m looking for an experienced Notes admin contractor, based in West Sussex, England. Not sure if you’d want to move away from Dublin, but if you do, send me a cv and I’ll try to put it under my boss’s nose.


  3. Sandra Vives Lynch says:

    Bad luck with the job Declan … hope you get another soon …. do you not want to go to Germany or is that not an option … I know you studied German at school.anyway send me your email .. the one i have at work keeps saying failure …. I have a small request involving amazon.com


  4. Paul Moran says:

    Bad luck on the job Declan! Not sure of the Domino market in Dublin at the moment, but here’s hoping you find another one in the area. I’m based in dublin myself. Anyway, on a positive note, I’m also going to lotussphere!!


  5. Ivor McNamara says:


    I know Symantec are lookling for a Domino Admin. From experience they are a very good company to work for.



  6. Sorry to hear about the job. I know that you’ll land back on your feet soon! You’re to good (and too visible) NOT to be picked up by someone…Hope to see you at the ‘Sphere, but we’ll have to see…


  7. jonvon says:

    hey dec, sorry to hear about the job but glad to hear you will be at the sphere! maybe you can land something in pennsylvania…


  8. Gregg Eldred says:

    Dec, drop me an e-mail and I can fill you in on a full time job that you may be interested in.


  9. Paul Agar says:

    Dec, I was very sorry to read your news. I hope you get something sorted out. Good luck in the future.



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