Passport Access to WorkPlace Services Express

I finally got some information back regarding getting the WorkPlace Services Express added to my Passport Agreement :

Free Workplace Services Express promotion announced at Lotusphere

As announced by Ambuj Goyal at the Lotusphere 2005 opening session, IBM Lotus will begin giving away free 20-packs of Workplace Services Express, one per Passport account, to anyone who registers on a special Web page. The six-month promotion will begin by the end of this quarter. Timing and operational details will be announced soon.

Customers will see the SKU added to their account exactly as if they purchased it. They can install and use up to 20 licenses, including a year of support and subscription, and will get a standard renewal invoice at the end of the year. This offer is also being made available to PartnerWorld members.

WSE provides a complete, easy to use platform for team or departmental collaboration. With this free offer, IBM and BPs can help anyone try WSE with no obligation. It can be set up and deployed in minutes, and customized to any group scenario. WSE will combat the growth of Sharepoint and Sharepoint Services deployments in customer accounts, and diminish the appeal of Core CAL and other bundling tactics from Microsoft.

So there you have it. There will be a special webpage published soon where Passport and PartnerWorld customers will be able to signup and have the product added to their account.

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5 comments on “Passport Access to WorkPlace Services Express
  1. Simon Barratt says:

    How long has this taken???? I have been waiting to get this code since LS! Glad you were able to find something out, thanks for passing it on.


  2. Greg Walrath says:

    @1 – it’s taken a while because they wanted to wait and give us v2.5, shipping any day now.The other odd thing right now is that if you try to go to the WSE home page on, , it pops you back to the product selector page.


  3. Jens Polster says:

    Thanks for posting this. I have spent quite some time trying to get more information on this from IBM and our distributor.


  4. Ed Brill says:

    I’ve got the details ready to post on 15 March…


  5. koko says:

    Promotion is valid till 2005 sept 15


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